Optional Extras
Flower containers

Flower holes can be drilled into the base of the memorial,

either central to the side or up to three can fit in a standard sized headstone

Regular £40 (each)
Extra deep £60 (each)

Sometimes flower holes drilled directly into the base can cover part of the inscription, in these cases you may prefer a separate stand alone granite vase which can be paced further down the grave.

(Other shapes, sizes & colours available)

6" x 6" x 6": £99
8" x 8" x 8": £170
6" x 6" x 15": £190 (one hole)
6" x 6" x 15": £200 (Two holes)
Inscriptions: £20 per side
6" x 6" x 6": £99
8" x 8" x 8": £170
Inscriptions: £20 per side
10" x 10": £199
15" x 15": £250
Inscriptions: £20 per side

You may want an aluminium container to sit in the flower hole on your stone or vase, these help keep the flowers in place and can hold water to keep them fresher for longer

Available with gold, silver or black lids

(Other colours & sizes available but not stocked)

3" deep: £9.99
4" deep: £12.99
6" deep: £14.99
Engraved picture

Simple outline or silhouette pictures can be designed and engraved into the stone, almost anything is possible, just let us know what we have in mind and we can design some choices for you to see.

Regular, single colour: £90
Large, single colour: £180
Regular, hand painted: £150
Large, hand painted: £220
Laser Etched Picture

Laser etched pictures are highly detailed and can be produced from almost any photograph or combination of images.

The laser images don't show up well on honed (egg shell type finish) or coloured stones.

For best results they should be etched into polished, black granite.

Regular, no colour: £270
Large, no colour: £450
Regular, hand painted: £350
Large, hand painted: £570

Carvings can either be cut by machine or by hand and can be a very impressive addition to a memorial

£200 - £1000 depending on size or design can also be hand painted

Extra Writing

Every memorial we offer comes with unlimited lettering but we do charge a small fee for having extra writing on the back of the memorial or the base

Base: £90 per side
Back of headstone small: £90
Back of headstone large: £180
Grave Levelling

If the grave still has a large hump on it, has sunken or needs new turf, we can level and re-turf it for you.

 £100 or £80 when bought with a headstone
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Sandra Harris

"The great service and the excellent quality of the work, can't fault a thing, really pleased thank you"

Donna Martindale

"In the saddest of times that you have to contact Hoskins I can honestly say that you will receive the most amazing, professional and beautiful experience that is open to you, to remember your loved one in such a truly amazing way - nothing is too much trouble and Adam is the kindest, most honourable and reliable man that you could wish to meet. He realises all your dreams and brings them alive - thank you"

Lindsay Linning

"Thanks to Hoskins we were able to celebrate dad's life with a personalised and truly beautiful farewell. We will be forever grateful for their quiet efficiency, compassion and desire to meet our wishes. We are also delighted with the stone created by Adam. It is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship and a fitting memorial that will bring pleasure and solace to the family."

Dale Payne

Superb family business I ordered a memorial stone and the quality and price was excellent, highly recommend this family business *****

Angela Plevy Preece

Adam has done an amazing job on my dads headstone, nothing was to much trouble. He even brought to our attention that a jcb we had picked for it wouldn’t look right blown up, and made sure we had a suitable one before he continued with the work. We could not have asked for anything better. Thank you so much, from myself and my mum Lin Plevy.