Frequently asked questions

I haven't done this before, how do i proceed?

We’ll guide through the whole process step by step, and we’re always here to answer any questions you might have, Here’s a brief guide of what to expect.

  • Let us know where the grave is.
    • Each churchyard or cemetery has different rules and regulations. Once we know where the stone is to be placed, we can offer advice on what you’ll be allowed to have.
  • Choose a memorial and any optional extras.
    • We have a full online brochure, three showrooms in different locations or can send a brochure out to you.
  • Create an inscription.
    • We have a wording section on our website with advice for the layout and hundreds of ideas for you to browse. If you're still finding it difficult, we can sit with you and create it together or create one for you.
  • Sign the paperwork
    • Once we have the chosen stone and the inscription, we’ll send some paperwork out to you; this will include a proof of the inscription, terms and conditions, the permit application form and estimate of costs. All you need to do is sign the forms and return them.
  • Get permission from the church or cemetery
    • The church or cemetery will need an application form and likely charge a fee before we can place the stone. Don’t worry; we will do all this for you, you may need to sign the form, but we’ll do the rest.
  • Pay the deposit.
    • We ask for 50% of the balance upfront; this helps us cover some initial costs and pay the church or cemetery fee for you.
  • See the result.
    • Once we have finished the headstone and fixed it on the grave, we can send photos, or you can visit the grave in person to make sure you're happy with the memorial.
  • Pay final balance.
    • Once you’re happy with the memorial, the final balance can be paid at your convenience.
  • Final documents.
    • Once the final balance is paid, the order is complete, and the service we provide continues. You’ll receive a final pack in the post with your receipt, certificates of your guarantees and a thank you letter from us. But don’t worry, the certificates are for your records only, if you lose them, we still have them on file, and they are still valid.

How big are the stones in the 100 stones initiative?

They're all the same overall size and are the industry standard that you will see most frequently in churchyards and cemeteries. Once you have picked a stone, we can show you the drawings to confirm. Overall size 30" tall x 24" wide x 12" deep and the granite is 3" thick. Have a look at the attached picture for an example of one of the stones. All measurements are in inches.

How long will it take?

This will depend on our current workload, we will, of course, get it completed as quickly as we can for you, but we will not rush the order, if we think the quality will be compromised in doing so.

Having said that if you have a specific date or deadline in mind, let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Average wait time for a stone we have in stock will be around 3-4 weeks, if we don’t have the stone in stock it will take time for us to make the stone for you and could take around 3-4 months.

Our advice:

Our memorials are genuine solid granite and will last several hundred years! A few months here or there in the production shouldn’t be a major factor in the decision making. Our focus is on the quality of the product and providing a full all-inclusive service while helping you create a memorial you’re happy with.

We promise to get the work done efficiently, professionally and keep you updated on our progress; we’re on your team, and we want it right too, but In our experience, rushing can lead to miscommunication, mistakes and even quality issues. That just won’t do!

How much is the lettering?

We don't believe in charging per letter; the inscription on the memorial is incredibly important, and you shouldn't have to be counting letters and worrying about the cost.

ALL of our memorials include unlimited lettering on the face of the stone, and there's plenty of room.

Do you fix memorials in my area?


We fix stones all over the country, including Scotland and wales, we charge £1 per mile but give the first 50 miles for free. Our starting point is this postcode: SY8 1RL.

If your churchyard is 60 miles from SY8 1RL, the travel charge will be £10

If your churchyard is 150 miles from SY8 1RL, the travel charge will be £100

We’re happy to calculate the miles for you, feel free to ask.

Will the granite colour fade over time?

No. Our granite is sourced from regulated quarries and comes with a 30 year guarantee against colour fading or frost cracks. Our prices are competetive becuse we have established & valued contacts with quarries, shipping and courier companies to allow us savings in key areas. Those savings can be passed onto you, our customer.

Do you use real gold leaf?

Yes. We use the highest quality leaf available on the market: 24ct superior leaf.The superior gold leaf contains the most gold per individual leaf compared to standard gold leaf. We never use imitation leaf or gold paint. Note: We DO use paint for other colours of lettering, including silver, black, white etc, and even have a charming “liquid leaf” rose gold colour available upon request. The liquid leaf contains real gold but is essentially still a paint not genuine leaf.

How can I clean a headstone?

Highly polished memorials are relatively simple to clean, some soapy water and a washing-up sponge will remove pretty much all the dirt. For a final buff, try using furniture polish and polishing cloth.

Sandstone, marble and other porous stones with algae and discolouration cant be renewed with a simple wash. We use specialised products with high acidity to restore the stone to the original colour; we may also use machinery with honing pads to remove particularly stubborn marks. We then coat the stone in a protective sealant to preserve its natural state for longer.

You may find some chemicals for stone cleaning at your local DIY shop. Some of these chemicals, if used incorrectly, can degrade the stone’s surface and make the stone more susceptible to discolouration in the future. Make sure you follow the guidelines on the products container to prevent damage to your memorial.

How long will the lettering last?

The lettering is carved into the stone and will potentially last hundreds of years.

The paint or gold leaf will, unfortunately, degrade over the years as its bombarded with our unrelenting British elements.

The actual time the colouring will last is dependant on several factors, if the stone is in an open-sided church at the foot of surrounding hills, it may be subjected to frequent strong winds.

If the stone is under a large tree, the rainwater will drag dirt and sap from the branches and drop them onto the stone.

If the stone is in a small church surrounded by high hedges, it may be somewhat protected from the elements.

If the stone is flat or upright, granite or sandstone, gold lettering or silver. ALL of these factors have an impact on the letterings longevity, but we do have some information that might be more helpful.

  • We guarantee the lettering for five years.
  • We recommend our rose gold or other paint colours over the gold leaf as the modern paints are tougher than the leaf.
  • We cover the letters in an invisible clear lacquer to prolong the letterings lifetime.
  • We would expect the lettering colour to last 10 or more years but can't promise it will.
  • We can redo the lettering for around £100, (after the initial five years guarantee has expired) so with an expected lasting time of around ten years, that’s only £10 per year.

Other Questions?