About Us
Why We Started This Business

Hello, I'm Adam, I'm the owner of Hoskins Stonemasons and I have a vision I would like to share

Many years ago, before I had even ventured into the memorial masonry industry, my family was faced with the untimely and devastating passing of my grandmother, by the time the cancer was discovered, it was too late and within a few weeks it took her from us.

The truth is, we weren't ready, not emotionally or financially and we took a blow on both fronts at the same time.

After the funeral, we delved into choosing the headstone.

A grizzly business indeed, but oddly we found it gave us closure, it gave us the opportunity to say to her, in a few words, what couldn't be said in person.

To tell her she was loved and she would be missed, to tell her how important she was.

After much deliberation we came up with an inscription we all felt was perfect and took our cherished words to the stonemason.

In our grief, we had overlooked one important detail, a detail that would prove to be an ongoing bitter taste in our mouths for years to come.

The basic stone we had chosen, along with the "charge per letter" system, simply created a combination well outside our price range.

We were forced to compromise, choose a lesser stone and reduce the length of the inscription.

I know what your thinking... that's life, get over it, you cant have things you cant afford and that's just how it is.

We thought that too, we made the necessary cuts and moved forwards with the purchase.

Over the following years I found the stone, to me, was not closure, it wasn't the final gift to my beloved grandmother, it didn't really say what I wanted her to know. It didn't tell her how we felt.

So I realised I wasn't even visiting the grave any more, it just made me feel like we'd let her down somehow.

I've had a new stone put in now, its exactly as we had originally chosen it.

I found the relief reduced me to tears even after over 15 years

Now I own my own stonemasons and my agenda is very clear.

I will NEVER charge per letter, if you buy stone from my company, you can have all the writing you like, I will find a way to bring a world of options to people for a price that will rock the very foundations of this industry.

And I'll make it available anywhere in the country.

Our Promise

Before we even opened our doors, we made a decision to offer a product of the highest quality, our granite is of a superior standard and guaranteed for 30 years, our stonemasons are qualified and experienced and our company is regulated and quality controlled by several external governing bodies. From the specialist foundation slabs to the 24 carat gold leaf inscriptions, every step of the way we have done extensive research into finding the best products available in this industry. There are few companies that can make that claim.


Done right, this industry can be very emotionally rewarding, helping people in their time of need isn't just a cliché to us, its our main priority, its what makes us different from the rest.

Imagine a company that isn't just driven by money, its driven by pride in what we do and the resulting satisfied customers, that's why no matter how much we grow; our quality will always be paramount, our prices will always be fair and our advice will always be honest.

Our Product & Credentials

~ Unlimited lettering included with all of our products ~

~ Qualified Stonemasons ensuring high quality craftsmanship ~

~ A legitimate & trustworthy company registered with all of the top governing bodies in the UK ~

~ Multiple guarantees covering all aspects of the product you buy from us ~

~ If the product isn't everything you had hoped for, You'll get a full refund! ~

Hoskins Family Stonemasons | United Kingdom | Registered Member of the National Association of Memorial Masons

Registered Member of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons

Hoskins Family Stonemasons | United Kingdom | Custom Headstones | Registered Member of the National Association of Memorial Masons

Registered Member of the National Association of Memorial Masons


Listed on the Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers


Level 2 City & Guilds Qualified


First aid trained Stonemasons


Management level qualification with the institution of safety & Health


Recognised member with the Guild of Master Craftsmen