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Choose the Colour

The colours may appear slightly different on your screen,

we hold samples of all colours in our showrooms.

This is Honed dark grey, also known as church grey.

This colour is very popular in churchyards and is our most popular colour granite.

Recommended lettering colour: Silver, gold or white

Black polished is another favorite, its striking deep smooth black surface is highly polished and as reflective as car paint.

Parish owned churchyards will very often object to this colour memorial, please let us contact the church for you before you set your heart on it!

We have chosen use a black granite from china called Luna City because in our opinion the subtle flecks in Luna City are an improvement on a standard black granite

Recommended lettering colour: Silver, gold, or white

Light grey honed granite is usually accepted in churchyards and is a natural mix of

greys, subtle pinks, blacks and whites.


Recommended lettering colour: Black, gold or white

Maple Red polished granite has speckles of black and white within a predominantly red colour granite


Recommended lettering colour: Silver, gold, white

Bahama blue polished has a wonderfully unpredictable pattern

with waves of blue and purple rippled across the surface

Recommended lettering colour: silver, gold or white