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Hoskins Family Stonemasons | UK | 100 gravestones for £699
The 100 Stone Initiative
Hoskins Family Stonemasons | UK | 100 gravestones for £699
What is the 100 Stone Initiative?
  • A choice of 100 different headstones for £699
  • The choice includes 20 different shapes, all available in 5 different colour granites, giving you 100 variations.
  • £50 from every headstone is set aside to fund our own volunteers on expeditions around the world to help those in need.
What does the £699 price include?
  • A full-sized, solid, natural granite headstone of your choice.
  • Unlimited lettering on the face of the stone.
  • No added VAT
  • 6 Year guarantee on the lettering and subsidence.
  • 30 Year Guarantee on the quality of the granite (no frost cracking or colour fading)
  • All administration completed on your behalf (church or cemetery permission applications etc.)
  • Honest, professional advice and step by step guidance from our experts.
  • Fixing on the grave within a 50-mile radius of SY8 1RL.
What DOESN'T the £699 include?
  • Writing the base, back or sides of the headstone.
  • Flower holes drilled through the base of the headstone.
  • Flower containers to hold the flowers.
  • Pictures, hand-carved, laser-etched, ceramic or inscribed.
  • The church or cemetery permission fee. (prices vary depending on location)
  • Fixing on the grave further than a 50-mile radius from SY8 1RL (60p per mile charge after the 50-mile free allowance)
  • Genuine 24k gold leaf lettering (£50 extra)
20 Shapes
5 Different Colours
What will our volunteers do?

Each year Hoskins Family Stonemasons will fund volunteers on expeditions to aid those in need. A different project will be chosen every year.

We want to clear our beaches from plastic, help build schools and living accommodation for those suffering in poverty, fly out to offer much-needed manpower following the devastation of a natural disaster, join efforts to preserve endangered wildlife and be able to help when help is needed!

And the 100 stones initiative will help fund these expeditions.


What greater honour is there than to fragrance the precious memories of our loved ones by making them part of something great, even after they have passed away? Its a wonderful gift to the loved and lost.


With that in mind £50 from every stone purchased through the 100 stones initiative will be set aside and placed into a charity savings account, then every year the money will be used to do something for the greater good, something that would make all of your loved ones proud to be a part of.

This Years Cause

This year in December we’ll be travelling over to Manila to volunteer in several different projects:

  • We’ll be rolling up our sleeves and assisting with the Urban Greens initiative that seeks to grow fruit and vegetables hydroponically (without soil), which allows greens to grow in urban spaces without needing to use pesticides, experience farming and agriculture first-hand and discover its importance in promoting sustainability in the Philippines.

  • Get stuck into The Plastic Solution, a green initiative which aims to turn single-use plastics into eco-bricks

  • We’ll help out on a local composting project which aims to turn food waste into fertiliser.

  • Work on a plant nursery where we’ll help prepare seedlings ready to take to an indigenous tribe.

  • Then it's time to get off the beaten track with a trek to visit the Aeta indigenous community. Have lunch with members of the community and help them in their effort to plant a new rainforest.

  • And lastly, throw ourselves into a good old beach clean before we fly back home.

It will be a tough couple of weeks, but we can really do a lot of good in a short amount of time, and it will all be thanks to everybody who helped fund the project with our 100 stones initiative!

Last Years Result

This is our first year, so no results yet!

Come back next year to see how it went

Hoskins Family Stonemasons | United Kingdom | 100 Stone Initiative - 100 Headstones for £699